Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

As I have mentioned before, "feel the fear and do it away" has been a mantra in my family ever since I can remember. If we had a crest, it would be emblazoned in Latin next to a cup of coffee and a camera (two additional very important things in my family). The mantra captures the spectrum of emotion—it recognizes that fear exists, that we experience it, and sometimes we tell it to hush and we break on through to the other side. 

I choose not to let fear dictate my decision making, so even doing a simple thing that scares me helps me build up reserves for when the big decisions have to be made. For when the comfortable, static, and familiar are all too inviting, and I miss the great unknown's call because I was too busy listening to my fear of failure. At these times, small things can be big things.

So on Independence Day, I got my nose pierced! A small gesture for a big idea. This year has been very much a transition year—from fighting to acceptance, from surviving to thriving. I feel love and light dancing in my veins, and this jewel is a reminder that I can be healthy and happy. It's possible, I've experienced it. It is not a mythical invention, it is a reality I have come to know.

What are some small things you've done in the face of fear?


  1. Oh you look so adorable! I'm very happy for you. Yours is a great mantra and it makes me happy to think of small ways of honoring it. Lately I've been retreating from shallow social connections and friends who'd rather talk about themselves, in spite to fear of being "unpopular". Staying home from social things, saying no to demands of my time. I'm remembering the things I love the most, whether they matter to other people. I'm remembering to be happy in myself as well as embracing others for who they are, forgiving those that aren't, well, nice and remembering that everyone's lives revolve around their own small universe.

  2. the piercing is placed perfectly, and i would never have known that you didn't have it forever already! body modification is one of my favorite ways of marking transition, like staking a claim to the whole experience, even the fearful bits. milla's comment up there is so beautiful, that now i am trying to digest both your post and what she wrote. :) This sentence is a gem: "For when the comfortable, static, and familiar is all too inviting, and I miss the great unknown's call because I was too busy listening to my fear of failure.". it is a wonderful motto and reminder, one i want to tuck in my pocket. i have attempted in spite of fear, but what i am trying to change now is to keep attempting without hiding or bypassing my terrified, small self. so it's like my own ouroboros...i am meeting fear by not hiding my fear, by walking out with it into the world and daring to feel lovable in spite of it.

    also, i think that you should get that familial statement printed in latin on a coffee mug and hand them out at xmas. ;)

  3. I love it! It suits you very well, and makes me miss the ruby studded nose i used to have :-)

    The mantra is epic. Persevering through the fear used to be much easier for me, but since I became a mom I find that I get stuck and back down from big, scary potential changes more easily.

    I am seriously going to keep in mind the mantra (and the braver nose-pierced version of me) as we approach some changes we've been thinking about lately, so thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm not necessarily a fan of piercings but this looks perfect on you! It sounds like you have such a wonderful family. Crap...I dont think mine could agree on anything. We aren't alike at all - with the exception of being music snobs. I mean each in their own genre (60's, oldies, metal, mine is indie), but music snobs all the same.

    P.S. thanks for commenting on my blog:) you said you're from the pacific northwest too? where from? I promise I'm not really a creepy guy that wants to find you and use your face as a mask...although saying that may make me seem like one. Oh poop.

  5. Awesome! Not only is it adorable on you, but you conquered fear which is something I try to do alll the stinkin time. I've got a lot of little things that I am scared of or "worry" about, but each time I start freaking out and remember to hand it over to God, it just shrinks down to nothing... unless I take it back to worry over it some more- silly me... when will I learn??!!

  6. Really inspiring post. I need to keep those thoughts in mind since I am totally capable of taking flight in times of worry. I would say I've been trying to not worry about how others see, which is one little step in the right direction. Thanks for your comment too.

  7. I very much like that fringe, as well of course as the nose!!!!

    Also catching up a little on here, seeing what beautiful images you choose and take, and how ou arrange things is realy beautiful, You have such a sparkle Nichole, light follows sparkles all around.

    xx E

  8. Yay! I love this piercing on you! And I love what you said about building up reserves by doing small things here and there so you have some courage built up for the really big things. Nice.


    1. p.s. I might be a long lost cousin of yours because coffee and cameras are definitely in my own personal crest. ;)

  9. you look so lovely and are soooo inspiring!

    it's a perfect mantra for going into childbirth :)