Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Music and Magic

Music has always been, and always will be, a huge part of my life. My earliest memories include the Moody Blues' Knights in White Satin playing at Thanksgiving; my father telling me how much he loves Cyndi Lauper's voice; my brother and I banging on upside-down pots and pans and strumming on rubber band guitars, practicing our favorite songs for our epic band. Despite these promising beginnings, however, I never picked up a proper instrument, until very, very recently.

My mama gifted me her ukulele in December, and I thought that her birthday in July would be the perfect time to unveil what my practicing has yielded. I spent several hours pressing the pads of my fingers into the strings, perfecting the breezy-yet-firm stroke patterns, trying to sync up the singing with the playing. My friend Richard volunteered to accompany me with the piano and voice. Being the incredibly talented person he is, it took him roughly two minutes to pick up the harmony and piano part.

I feel about singing and music the same way I feel about dancing: I relish the kinetic, rhythmic, whole-body expression of joy. I like the way it feels to have my voice trill up my throat and over my tongue.

How do you experience music?


  1. Lovely! How I love the ukulele.

    Music, to me, gets in my veins. Whether it is just a mood, a feeling, a memory, it really is the only thing that can turn me around completely from a bad day. Like how Portishead makes me imagine I'm the star of a noir film. Or how Lucinda Williams makes me feel the open road. Or how Lyle Lovett reminds me why I love my husband.

  2. That was so sweet! Your mom must have been really moved. Your first sentence already had my attention since my parents also love The Moody Blues. My mom, sister and I all played the piano, while I was probably the worst at it. My parents still have a grand piano in their house but my mom is the only one that plays it now.

  3. you couldn't have picked a more perfect song! one that brings a tear to my every time i hear it. your voice and playing are beautiful, keep it up :D

    music is HUGE to me and always has been. almost every memory of mine is intertwined with a song. i yearn to play the piano! i briefly took lessons several years ago and am dying to pick it up again.

  4. You sing so sweetly! keep on!