Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soul Rebel

Photo by Jessie 

I'm a rebel, soul rebel. 
I'm a capturer, soul adventurer. ~ Bob Marley 

My best friend performs in holiday burlesque shows around Seattle, and through the frolic and pageantry, there is always a deeper message. For their Independence Day Freedom Fantastia, boys in heels and girls in beards celebrated rebellion, the most American of traditions. I may not have pride in the whole of the United States' history, but I do have pride in my forefathers and mothers who questioned, pursued, and battled for the kind of life I lead today.

I celebrated the with friends and picnicking on what seemed like the edge of the world. We found a spot surrounded by tall grasses on the edge of a bluff, overlooking the Sound. We ate oven fried chicken and homemade pasta salad, listened to Janis Joplin, and explored the surrounding woods. At one point, we made music with a guitar-slinging random my friends literally found in the field. We soaked in the sun and it made us sleepy and hazy and happy.

Photo by Jessie 

Photo by Jessie

We ended the night with the Lake Union fireworks show on the roof of my friends' apartment building. Booming blooms that illuminated the night and made the towers of the city look like crystals. 

I like the idea of celebrating rebellion. I value curiosity, questioning, challenging, and (much to the chagrin of some of my colleagues) demanding answers. When something doesn't feel right in breath and bones, the community that I identify with values changing it. I'm grateful for this power, for this freedom. 


  1. hey, it's great to see your face here :D beautiful.

  2. hey, it's you! i am always engaged by your writing (even though i don't always comment--sorry!), but it is no nice to see you (and your friends) <3

  3. i love this whole post and the timelessness of all the photos. but i am particularly captivated by the red headed chap in the group shot...his pose and outfit are identical to my group of friends in highschool. i am warmed with a heart smile at the sight of him.

    and i agree with anne and are a tall glass of water to this thirsty blog reader. :)

  4. that top picture just takes the are adorable!

    and i absolutely LOVE the idea of celebrating rebellion for fourth of perfectly's what the foundations of this country were all about! i hope you don't mind, i'm totally stealing that idea next year. i will fly a flag proudly for that sentiment!

    it looks like you guys had a perfect day, the truly dreamy sort that resounds through your memories on and on.

    also...i remembered that you asked about the artist in the background of one of my photos in this post
    they are actually big prints that my artist friend zack makes of public domain NASA photos! you can contact him here, i'm sure you can order them from him if you're interested! just tell him you know me: