Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Corners of my New World

Moving has certainly made it difficult to post regularly, but I am now settling into a routine and able to carve out a little time to write and respond. There are still boxes everywhere, and we're waiting on our dinner table made from the gym floor of a local high school, but this place already feels warm and inviting. I love coming home to people, sharing our days, sharing meals, or sharing the quiet. It feels like  a simple pairing of comfort and consistency as I seep my spirit into the corners of my new world. 

And I've had this song stuck in my head for days.


  1. Love what I'm seeing. Seems like everyone is posting lovely, cozy pictures of their house these days.

  2. that feeling that you're settling in is the best after moving.
    very cosy. love the 'flags'

  3. whoaa that's a really cool creepy looking skull! did you put those sparkly gems in his eye sockets?
    also - in reply to your comment on my birthday dress post - definitely check out The Velvet Bird's collection! She's a talented dame!

  4. Sounds like your new world is off to a very lovely start, the beginnings of a new sense of home, may your spirit seep in seamlessly :)

  5. that table sounds really neat- can't wait to see it!