Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Everyday Phenomenon

Once, when I was walking to work and talking to my mother on the phone, I looked up in the sky and saw this:

It was a strange beam of light that wasn't moving. I said, "Hold on, Mom, it looks like the sky has a hole in it." 

I stood and stared for bit, wondering what it could possibly be. A falling satellite? A rocket shooting into space so far away it appeared to be still? I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. I let it sit in my mind as a strange phenomenon, a crazy coincidence of light and sky that created that magic just for me. 

I walked ahead a few blocks and looked up again. It turns out it was the morning sun reflecting off a building behind a thick curtain of fog. The fog had cleared and the reflection was now blinding. I looked back down to the concrete sidewalk stretched out in front of me. 

While the strange bolt in the sky didn't turn out to be aurora borealis or frozen lightning, it reminded me that we can experience wonderful, ethereal and breath-snatching things in the everyday, if we just look up once in a while. 


  1. very true! what a cool experience, especially since you got to find out what it really was.

  2. I'm still pretty sure that it was aliens.

  3. i love that! and, just because it turned out to be a reflection, who's to say there isn't magic in the world? actually, now i've got some books to recommend to you.

  4. fabulous. what a thing to see. and love your closing sentiment. so very true indeed.

  5. A miracle in every day. One a day please.

  6. wow, that is pretty awesome looking and i love the way you interpreted it :)

    totally does look like a hole in the sky.. crazyyy

  7. inspiring.
    i am so happy that you found my blog and left a comment, leading me to yours.
    i hope that you do make it to our shop next time your are in sacramento, and in the meantime, i look forward to enjoying your postings.
    all the best...

  8. That really is a breath taking sight. Appreciating the beauty in each day is so important as you say.

  9. I love it - "Hold on, Mom, it looks like the sky has a hole in it." sounds like it should be a line out of a best seller.

    what an amazing shot :)