Thursday, April 26, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

When I was studying abroad, I would often go outside my comfort zone because I knew it would make a good story. I was simultaneously adventuring and drafting narrative in my head, preempting which parts I would punctuate with exclamations. Not surprisingly, I lived good stories. Falling in crush with a British boy, meeting my French relatives, bartering at the market in Italy.

As I build my life, I've felt that sense of adventure wane. Why is this? Am I afraid? Am I lazy? Are my responsibilities tying me down? Does it not seem appropriate or "adult" to go parading? Is it money? Is it time? Where is the pull in my stomach and the fluttering in my heart that tells me, "This would make a great story."?

It's all still there, within within, and lifts its veil briefly whenever I am staring out my office window at a giant billboard urging me to visit Montana. I feel my mouth start to gape a bit, my eyes cease to whir with the light from the computer, my fingers relax from their claw-like typing positions, and I'm lost in a daydream. And this series of responses occur when I think of other things I'd like to do: perform burlesque, sing in a band, write a short story, see the northern lights, spend some time in the desert, ride an elephant, successfully grow something and eat it, shake a woman politician's hand, learn how to drive manual.

But more than these daydreams, I want to have my sense of adventure run through my veins like an electric current. Every day presents potential for expansion. Every day, I have the opportunity to open my heart to new ideas, new people, new things that I'm sure will one day make a great story.


  1. I often feel more comfortable in the "knowing" now as I am older. I am not always looking (anymore) for greener grass or more or better or different or newer. I know and remember this feeling though. I guess I feel adventurous in different ways now...maybe the unknown of love and marriage and living and working is enough adventure for me right now. But this certainly doesn't mean I don't long or desire a future full of more nature, more trees, more animals, etc. S and I have plans of buying a sheep farm one day. Talk about an adventure!

  2. Your blog has such a unique and bold vision (the words!) And my, you are an incredible writer. Reading your posts makes me miss my old college days, head lodged in books, studying English, entertaining all the neurotic voices rattling my brain, begging to become pieces of fiction for whatever workshop was happening...

    the good 'ole days.

    Thanks for stopping in. I'm Happy to "meet" you.


  3. Sounds like you're on the path to grow that passion! Your semester away sounded amazing, and yes, I think those opportunities to grow are available every day. I think it's just a matter of having eyes opened or closed to them! Happy adventures to you!!!

  4. Keeping yourself open to new experiences, not matter how small, is such a wonderful exercise - one I could do more often!


  5. Love that photo. I need to remember that more often.